Lcm Piano Handbook 2018-2020 Grade 5


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London College of Music Piano handbooks contain all of the material that is needed to take an LCM exam in a single publication ? a wide selection of pieces, all of the required technical work, and guidance and examples for the supporting tests. Accompanying the pieces are performance notes written by a team of leading pianists, teachers and composers, bringing the music to life with their unique interpretative insights.

Song List

  • Presto [Arne, Thomas]
  • Allegro [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  • Polka [Beach, Amy]
  • The Boys? Round Dance [Gade, Niels]
  • In the Owl?s Turret [Lehmann, Liza]
  • What a Story! [Auerbach, Lera]
  • New Orleans Nightfall [Gillock, William]
  • Every Morning, Birds [Grimes, Rachel]
  • Basket Dance [Cage, John]