Roland RDT-RV Drum Throne


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Upgrade your drumming experience with the Roland RDT-RV Drum Throne. This professional-grade throne boasts a perfect blend of comfort and support, thanks to Roland’s proprietary foam design. No more discomfort or pressure points, only absolute ease as you create rhythmic magic.

The throne is crowned with a robust vinyl seat, rugged enough to withstand years of continuous use. With its oversized round design, it’s as accommodating as it is resilient. Each drumming session becomes a comfortable, immersive experience, keeping you focused on the beat.

Easy height adjustment is another notable feature of the RDT-RV Drum Throne. Courtesy of its robust steel bracket, you can effortlessly alter the throne’s height between 20 and 27 inches (508 mm to 685.8 mm).

The throne’s base, double-braced in chrome, adds a sleek aesthetic touch while ensuring long-lasting durability. Built with commercial-grade materials, it’s a drum throne designed to endure and excel in demanding applications.

In short, the Roland RDT-RV Drum Throne is a perfect combination of form and function. With its user-friendly design, high-end materials, and a promise of unwavering comfort, it’s an essential addition to any drum kit.

Optimize your drumming journey with Roland’s blend of comfort, resilience, and design prowess.