Tanglewood TWCR-O Crossroads Orchestra Acoustic Guitar in Whiskey Barrel Burst


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Delve into the vintage charm of the 1930s with Tanglewood’s TWCR O Crossroads Orchestra Acoustic Guitar, a testament to the golden age of American music. Reminiscent of the era when the blues echoed through every corner of America, this guitar is meticulously crafted for both the passionate novice and the seasoned musician.

Drawing inspiration from the austere aesthetics of the Great Depression, the Crossroads series mirrors the simplicity yet durability of instruments from that era. With every strum, the TWCR O reveals a sound landscape that is warm, resonant, and undeniably authentic.

Crafted for performance, the rich mahogany body of the Crossroads Orchestra acoustic guitar resonates with depth and clarity. Hand-selected genuine mahogany not only forms its top but also its back and sides, ensuring a harmonious and consistent tonal output. This tonal richness is further complemented by the sleek orchestra body shape, which not only provides a comfortable grip but also proves versatile for both strumming and intricate picking techniques.

The neck, also made of mahogany, boasts of a dynamic responsiveness that’s perfect for blues, roots music, and a spectrum of other genres. Its techwood fingerboard offers a seamless playing experience, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly across its surface. Whether you’re sliding or strumming, this guitar ensures each note is pronounced with precision and warmth.

Tanglewood has paid attention to even the subtlest of details. The Whiskey Barrel Burst satin finish evokes an antique charm, paired perfectly with an elegant abalone rosette and gleaming chrome hardware. Meanwhile, the ABS saddle and nut ensure precise intonation, and the chrome die-cast machine heads promise tuning stability.

To conclude, the Tanglewood TWCR O Crossroads Orchestra Acoustic Guitar is more than just an instrument; it’s a journey through time. It invites players to explore the rich heritage of American music and offers unparalleled value for its price. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on a musical odyssey or a seasoned player looking for a reliable companion by the campfire, the TWCR O is the perfect blend of history, craftsmanship, and performance.


1930s Inspired Design

Drawing from the musical essence of 1930s America, the Tanglewood TWCR O Crossroads seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern craftsmanship, evoking the raw energy of blues and roots music.

Rich Mahogany Construction

Handpicked genuine mahogany envelops the top, back, and sides of this guitar, ensuring a deep, warm, and resonant sound that captures the heart of every listener.

Optimized Orchestra Shape

Boasting an orchestra body shape, the TWCR O promises a well-balanced acoustic output, making it versatile for both delicate fingerpicking and robust strumming techniques.

Whiskey Barrel Burst Finish

Adorned with a unique Whiskey Barrel Burst satin finish, this guitar doesn’t just sound authentic; it looks the part too, echoing the rustic charm of yesteryears.

Durable and Precise Hardware

Equipped with chrome die-cast machine heads and an ABS saddle, the Crossroads ensures impeccable tuning stability and precise intonation, enhancing its overall playability.

Comfort Meets Craftsmanship

The mahogany neck, paired with a smooth techwood fingerboard, offers a dynamic response and ensures a comfortable playing experience, inviting players of all levels to explore and express their musicality.


Type Acoustic
Shape Orchestra
Top Material Hand Selected Genuine Mahogany
Back Material Mahogany
Sides Material Mahogany
Fingerboard Techwood
Bridge Techwood
Strings Bronze Light
Electronics N/A
Finish Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin
Nut Width 43mm
Width at 14th Fret 54mm
Scale Length 650mm
Neck Thickness at 1F 21mm
Neck Thickness at 10F 23mm
Upper Bout Width 290mm
Lower Bout Width 380mm
Waist Width 240mm
Body Depth (Neck) 90mm
Body Depth (End) 100mm
Body Length 490mm
Overall Length 1027mm