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TGST100 – TGI Stage Tuner — A tough, hard-wearing stage pedal tuner – a real gig essential. Your guitar can be routed directly through the tuner and then to your amp etc. The true bypass means that the guitar signal passes through the tuner without any degradation of quality when the tuner is not in use. When you stamp on the button to use the tuner, you can choose whether it mutes the signal or not. Useful! Bright LEDs make tuning a breeze and easy to see even on dark, crowded stages. — Tough metal casing — Tuning Range: A0 – C8 — Calibration: 437-445Hz — Power: 9V DC (Battery included) — True bypass for signal integrity — Mute switch for silent tuning

L: 80mm, W: 105mm, H: 40mm, 276g