Tombo Mu/Mew Short Cross Chromatic Harmonica – Pink Gold Coating


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The revolutionary Short-Cross chromatic harmonica, the ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01) features a sub-slide which has an inverse movement when the main slide is pressed. As a result, in order to cover a 6mm aperture, a press of only 3mm is needed, thus halving the effort and time required.

With all moving parts precision engineered to require the minimum of maintenance, this incredible new Short-Cross system allows the musician to play fast musical passages with much greater fluidity, plus be supremely confident in the instrument’s long-term performance.

 The ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01) also features a comfortably textured mouthpiece which helps to guard against dry lips; cover-plates made of a highly tonally-consistent brass core; and 100% lead-free reeds, which in conjunction with the all-new windsaver design, deliver the now-legendary Tombo sound quality.

12 holes with 48 tones – Unique Short Cross, Cross-Key function – Newly designed ABS body – Tonal range: C1-D4 – Supplied with Italian Leather case

Perfect for Traditional, Folk and Country Music and Windsaver.