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Trevor James ® are a specialist wind instrument company, focussing a great amount of their time and effort on encouraging more people to experience the joys of flute and saxophone. It’s with this goal in mind that the 5x flute was created.

Why shouldn’t i buy the cheapest flute i can find online?

Many entry-level flutes are simply poor and supplied as ‘white goods’ in a plain box with an obscure brand name from large catalogue stores or online retailers. You can be sure that 99% these flutes have not been checked by a professional flautist since (or probably even before) they were loaded into a shipping container in Asia. This lack of quality and expertise often results in the new player not being able to make progress as well as they should, and in some cases, these entry-level flutes just make playing outright impossible.

No so with the Trevor James 5x Flute Outfit.

A guarantee of quality and playability.

Not only are TJ flutes made in workshops that specialise in Woodwind Instruments, but each Trevor James 5x Flute gets a final inspection and set-up in the TJ technical workshops based in Kent, south-east England.

Your teacher will thank you for turning up to the lesson with a properly functioning instrument! They won’t have to waste any valuable lesson time adjusting or setting up your flute. You’ll be ready to play from the get-go.
Plus your new flute won’t spend its first few weeks of life in a repair shop, at your expense.

“While playing, I found out that it trills a charm – I really cannot understate how lovely it sounds. I was genuinely quite sad to pack it away and send it back!”

Music Teacher Magazine – 2019.

Benefits of the TJ5x Flute:

  • Manufactured by one of the most respected names in woodwind: 
    Trevor James ®
  • Silver-plated throughout: 
    So it’s beautiful to the eye, and the ear.
  • High Quality Headjoint:
    Designed to be free blowing to assist the new player.
  • Accurate Pads:
    Excellent quality pads with an accurate, airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance and tuning of the instrument.
  • Precision Keywork:
    Each key press will feel positive and secure, ensuring each note is true.
  • Easy to transport:
    Supplied with a quality, lined wooden case with fleece-lined case cover

Quick Spec:

  • Straight Head
  • Silver-Plated
  • Split-E Mechanism
  • C Foot
  • Drawn Tone Holes
  • A+442 Pitch
  • Wooden Case
  • Fleece-lined case cover