Trevor James 88 Alto Sax Outfit – Gold Frosted


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A luxurious looking frosted gold alto sax with a Big Voice.

A single finish saxophone, the 88 was launched in 2013 to celebrate 25 years of TJ saxophone design. This is a big sounding sax and one for those players who really want to be heard!

Frosted gold finish
Gun rifled crook – The inside of the crook tenon has gun rifling to enhance the air flow. This is a big sounding horn!
Octave key crook badge – Proudly sporting the Union Jack flag overlaid with TJ logo.
Pearls – Smokey grey pearls.
Brace – A three point 88 four bell / body brace design.
TJ mouthpiece
TJ strap
Case – A high quality shaped case with shoulder straps