Yamaha 6C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


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Introducing our premium Standard Series mouthpiece for alto saxophones – an ideal choice for both the aspiring beginner and the seasoned musician. Crafted with superior phenol resin, these mouthpieces echo the finesse of our top-of-the-line Custom series, offering a consistent, top-notch playing experience.

Our Standard Series mouthpieces provide unparalleled value for their cost. They sport a slightly shorter facing than our Custom series, making them an accessible and efficient choice, particularly for beginners looking to master the vibrant sounds of the clarinet or saxophone.

Perfectly balanced for experienced players, our 6C mouthpieces feature a medium-sized chamber, allowing for an impressive volume and rich tonality. While they require a bit more breath to play, the result is a bolder, more robust sound, making these mouthpieces ideal for contemporary players or those wanting to explore more powerful tones.

Each mouthpiece is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate players with differing stylistic preferences. With a tip opening of 1.80mm and a facing length of 23.0mm, these mouthpieces are designed to enhance your musical performance and expand your tonal variety.

Experience good intonation and an increased volume with our Standard Series mouthpieces. Capture a unique characteristic saxophone sound that stands out whether you’re in a band, an orchestra, or a jazz ensemble.

Boost your performance with our top-tier, value-driven Standard Series mouthpieces for alto saxophone. Elevate your music with more power and tonal variety today.