Yamaha AS-5C Mouthpiece Eb Alto Saxophone


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Discover the vibrant and full-bodied sound of your alto saxophone with the Yamaha AS-5C Mouthpiece. Made from high-quality phenol resin, this mouthpiece is designed for consistency and optimal performance. With its specifications closely mirroring Yamaha’s top-grade Custom series, the 5C provides a remarkable combination of affordability and value.

Enhance your music with the Yamaha 5C’s richer tone and wider array of sound colors, elevating it from the 4C model. Its flexibility and response are unmatched, allowing both beginners and seasoned musicians to effortlessly produce a dynamic, resonant sound.

The AS-5C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece boasts a well-balanced tone that resonates beautifully. Its fuller volume and medium chamber help generate a distinctive sound that makes it a perfect choice for soloists. The slightly shorter facing compared to the Custom series eases playability, which is particularly beneficial for new learners aiming for a characteristic, rich saxophone tone.

Explore different musical styles with the versatile Yamaha AS-5C Mouthpiece, offering superior consistency in playing quality. Immerse in the enchanting world of saxophone sounds with Yamaha’s renowned craftsmanship and quality. Ideal for beginners and soloists alike, the Yamaha 5C transforms your alto saxophone into a truly expressive instrument.