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Discover the exquisite blend of classic touch and modern innovation with the Yamaha P-225 Digital Piano, a masterpiece crafted for those who breathe music. Embodying the spirit of Yamaha’s revered P Series, the P-225 stands out with its slim, sleek profile, offering the essence of an acoustic piano in a digital avatar that’s perfect for both confined spaces and the grand stage.

Designed to transcend the ordinary, the P-225 boasts the revolutionary Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard with 88 keys, meticulously engineered to emulate the nuanced touch and responsive feel of a traditional piano. Its weighted keys provide an authentic playing experience that mirrors the sensitivity and dynamic range of its acoustic counterpart. This precision is especially appreciated by advanced players and serious beginners who are eager to master the instrument with a touch that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

Yamaha’s legacy resonates within each note played on the P-225, thanks to the sonic excellence of the flagship CFX concert grand piano. Coupled with the Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite technology, the piano breathes life into your music, replicating the harmonic interplay of strings with an authenticity that’s palpable. Each keystroke on the P-225 is a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to acoustic fidelity, ensuring the resonances and the rich textures of the CFX grand piano are at your fingertips, without ever needing to be tuned.

The convenience doesn’t end at its sound. The compact design of the P-225 allows for an ease of placement that pianos of yesteryear could only dream of. Available in elegant black or pristine white, it seamlessly blends into any decor, making it a stylish addition to your home or studio. For the musician on the move, the optional soft case transforms the P-225 into a companion that can accompany you to gigs, studios, or wherever your music takes you.

The P-225 is not just an instrument, it’s a hub of creativity. With 24 voices, 71 preset songs, and an array of features like Bluetooth® audio connectivity, a built-in metronome, rhythm functions, and the innovative Stereophonic Optimizer, your practice and performance sessions are limitless. The Sound Boost feature ensures that your music cuts through any mix, standing out during live performances or group settings.

Pairing the P-225 with the “Smart Pianist” app enhances your interaction with the piano, as it allows seamless navigation and operation right from the screen of your smart device. This app integration elevates the user experience, offering intuitive control and eliminating the need to sift through a manual.

The Yamaha P-225 Digital Piano is not just an instrument—it’s a statement. It’s a testament to the power of traditional piano artistry fused with the versatility of digital innovation. This piano is an impeccable choice for those who demand the feel of an acoustic piano but live in the digital age. It’s where the art of the piano meets the rhythm of technology, and it’s waiting to bring your musical visions to life.


Graded Hammer Compact Keyboard

At the heart of the Yamaha P-225 lies the newly developed Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard. This 88-key marvel replicates the tactile response and the graded resistance of an acoustic piano, with a lighter touch in the high end and a heavier touch in the low notes. Perfect for pianists who demand an authentic playing experience, the GHC keyboard ensures every nuance of your performance is captured with precision.

CFX Concert Grand Piano Sound

The P-225 digital piano brings the coveted sound of the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano into your home or studio. This piano sound has been sampled with meticulous care, ensuring that every dynamic layer of the concert grand’s expression is available at your fingertips. With Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite technology, experience the vibrant, rich textures and the complex overtones of the flagship grand piano without leaving your seat.

Compact and Stylish Design

With its sleek and slim profile, the Yamaha P-225 is designed to fit into modern lifestyles. Whether you’re in a cozy city apartment or a busy music school, this piano’s minimalist aesthetic in black or white complements any space. Not only is it an auditory delight, but it’s also a visual asset to any room, embodying the elegance of a grand piano in a compact form.

Smart Pianist App Integration

Enhance your piano experience with Yamaha’s “Smart Pianist” app. This innovative app transforms your smart device into an intuitive command center for the P-225. Adjust settings, choose voices, and navigate the piano’s features with ease. This seamless integration is the bridge between your musical expression and the technical prowess of the P-225.

Portability for Musicians on the Go

The Yamaha P-225 redefines what it means to be a portable digital piano. With the option of a soft case, musicians can now carry their piano with them to rehearsals, performances, and studios. It’s never been easier to bring the full-bodied sound and authentic playing feel of a piano wherever your music journey leads.

Immersive Features for Creative Exploration

Immerse yourself in a world of musical possibilities with the P-225’s extensive features. With 24 built-in voices and 71 preset songs, you can explore various genres and styles. Connectivity features like Bluetooth® audio, recording capabilities, and the innovative Stereophonic Optimizer provide endless opportunities for practice and performance, ensuring you sound your best in any environment.

Sound Boost and Built-in Speakers

Activate the P-225’s Sound Boost function to instantly enhance your sound’s presence and cut through the mix. Ideal for live performance scenarios, this feature ensures that your piano can be heard clearly over other instruments. The built-in speakers are specially designed to deliver a rich, room-filling sound, allowing you to captivate your audience with clarity and power.


Width 1,326 mm [52-3/16″]
Height 129 mm [5-1/16″] (with music rest: 327 mm [12-7/8″])
Depth 272 mm [10-11/16″] (with music rest: 362 mm [14-1/4″])
Weight 11.5 kg [25 lbs, 6 oz]
Number of Keys 88
Keyboard Type GHC keyboard with matte black keytops
Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed
Panel Language English
Piano Sound Yamaha CFX
Key-off Samples Yes
Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Yes (VRM Lite)
Polyphony (max.) 192
Number of Voices 24
Reverb Types 4 types
Wall EQ Yes
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes
Stereophonic Optimizer Yes
Sound Boost 2 types