Terms & Conditions for our Music School

Weekly / Fortnightly Music Lessons:

If you are unable to commit to regular lessons and need to be more flexible than the terms below, we also offer an ad-hoc option, please contact Vanessa on 0118 957 5771 for more details.

A maximum of 8 cancellations within a 12 month period will be allowed without incurring a charge. This allowance is in addition to dates cancelled by the teacher. If you exceed this allowance then additional cancellations will be charged at the full rate. (the 12 month period will run 1st September – 31st August each year)

Cancellations (within the above allowance) or alterations must be made one working day in advance to carry the payment forward (Sundays and bank holidays are not classed as working days). All lessons cancelled on the day or not attended will be charged for. This includes reasons such as short term illness, transport delays etc.

Lessons will be running on bank holidays unless you receive notification from us stating differently.

Teachers are not responsible for the booking schedule, all cancellations must be made officially through shop staff, either in store or via phone to 0118 957 5771 during hours of 09:45 -17:45.

All cancellations will be confirmed via email, if you have do not receive an email then no cancellation has been made and you will still be charged for the lesson/s

Payments are to be made in blocks of 4 unless arranged differently with admin. It is the students (or parents) responsibility to make a payment every 4 lessons either in store or via phone. Teachers / admin will issue reminders where possible.

The lesson booking will automatically continue after the current payment expires, attendance will be expected every week even if no advance payment has been made.

Lessons run all year round including school holidays, if you do not wish to attend lessons during the holidays please make sure you inform Hickies of the exact cancellation dates and have received confirmation email. If you do not inform us of specific dates attendance will be expected every week.

In situations where Hickies needs to make cancellations (i.e teacher away due to holiday or sickness) we will provide as much notice as possible and inform all students via phone or email. Students are not charged for lessons cancelled by Hickies and payments / bookings will automatically roll over to the following week.

Where applicable, It is the parent or guardians responsibility to bring and collect pupils at the start / end of each lesson. Hickies takes no responsibility for the pupil before or after the designated lesson slot.