Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key Compact MIDI Keyboard Controller


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Unleash your creativity with the new Akai MPK Mini Plus, a revolutionary 37-key compact keyboard controller that sets the stage for ultimate musical expression and performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your favorite studio devices, this cutting-edge keyboard is packed with next-generation features and advanced connectivity for comprehensive hardware integration in a compact, 3-octave design.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic feel of the 37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed. The MPK Mini Plus boasts 37 keys with an expanded velocity range, opening up new horizons for melodic and harmonic creation. Whether you’re playing two-handed chords, arpeggios, solos, or crafting soundscapes, the incredibly playable keys offer an unrivaled level of note dynamics and response, transporting you to a world-class level of music-making.

Fuel your creative moments and DAW-less jam sessions with the onboard polyphonic 2-track step/live Sequencer. It’s designed to capture new melodic and drum patterns on the fly, offering up to 8 notes of polyphony per step and 16 notes per Drum Step. Plus, the onboard Arpeggiator expands your creative possibilities even further.

Bring dynamic beats to life with the 8 velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads. These aren’t just for programming drums, they also work excellently for assigning program changes and triggering additional CC parameters. Further, the MPK Mini Plus features 8 assignable 360-rotary knobs, allowing you to control every function including filters, automation, pan controls, and more, with precision.

Enhance your performances with the Chords and Scales Modes. The Chords Mode lets you play multiple notes and inversions with a single key, while the Scales Mode allows the keybed to play notes only in the selected scale. With 15 scale settings, your creativity knows no bounds.

Integration with your DAW is made effortless with the dedicated Transport Controls. Stay in the zone with dedicated Play, Stop, Record, Loop, and Locator buttons, ensuring a smooth creative workflow.

Bring your keyboard performances to life with the dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel controllers. Plus, the assignable Joystick Controller offers even more expressive potential. Assign parameters to the Joystick’s X/Y axis and morph between effects to create unique and interesting textures in your productions.

Advanced connectivity options make the MPK Mini Plus a truly versatile tool. Connect to any Class-Compliant USB or 5-pin MIDI device, use the CV/Gate connectors and Sync I/O to trigger and control your Eurorack and other modular synths. Whether you’re using your favorite DAW, VST instruments, or analog gear, the MPK Mini Plus has you covered.

Take control of your DAW with the MPK Mini Plus. It can be mapped to your favorite DAW such as FL, Logic, and Ableton, giving you portable creative control like never before. Write automation for your favorite plugin effects and instruments, control your Transport, macros, and mixing environments – all from your MPK Mini Plus.

Finally, the MPK Mini Plus comes with the powerful MPC Beats software DAW. This professional-level software DAW, based on the legendary MPC hardware, transforms your computer into a high-end recording studio. It features all the drum sounds, samples, plugin instruments, and insert effects you need to create modern, professional music.

In summary, the Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key Compact Keyboard Controller is a remarkable instrument that offers musicians and live performers an intuitive, comprehensive, and creative music production experience. With its advanced connectivity, dynamic keybed, and wide array of performance tools, it’s the ultimate companion for all your musical endeavors.


Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed

The Akai MPK Mini Plus boasts a 37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed. This provides musicians with three full octaves for creative chord construction, immersive arpeggiation, expressive solos, and captivating soundscapes. The keys are highly responsive, offering a wider velocity range for supreme dynamics and response, giving a world-class playing experience.

MPC Drum Pads

The device is equipped with 8 velocity-sensitive, RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads. These pads are more than just tools for beat-making; they are your gateway to dynamic programming, triggering additional CC parameters, and enhancing your musical performance.

Assignable Rotary Knobs

The MPK Mini Plus takes control and precision to another level with its 8 assignable 360-rotary knobs. These knobs are instrumental in tailoring effects, managing automation, controlling pan, and adding that extra dimension to your tracks.

Creative Step Sequencer

With the integrated polyphonic 2-track step/live sequencer, this MIDI controller opens up endless possibilities for creativity. The sequencer is perfect for capturing spontaneous melodic and drum patterns, fostering an organic and imaginative creative process.

Advanced Connectivity

The MPK Mini Plus provides advanced connectivity options to unite your favorite studio devices. With Class-Compliant USB, 5-pin MIDI, and CV/Gate connectors, you can easily integrate the controller with your digital audio workstation, VST instruments, and analog gear.

MPC Beats Software DAW

To make your music production process smooth and comprehensive, the MPK Mini Plus comes with the MPC Beats Software DAW. This software turns your computer into a professional recording studio, complete with drum sounds, samples, plugin instruments, and insert effects.

Chords and Scales Modes

The controller introduces two innovative modes to enhance your performances. Chords Mode enables the creation of complex chords with a single key press, while Scales Mode adjusts the keybed to play only notes within the selected scale. These features streamline the creative process and allow for more precise, expressive performances.

Transport Controls

The MPK Mini Plus features dedicated Transport Controls, allowing you to seamlessly navigate your DAW’s interface. With play, stop, record, loop, and locator buttons at your fingertips, your creative workflow remains uninterrupted.

Joystick Controller

To further enhance your control and expression, the MPK Mini Plus includes an assignable joystick controller. This unique feature lets you manipulate up to four parameters simultaneously, opening up a new world of textural possibilities in your compositions.

Reason+ Subscription

On registering your product, you’re eligible for a free 6-month subscription to Reason+. This creative bundle includes the Reason DAW, Reason Rack Plugin, and a host of instruments and effects. This offer enriches your sonic palette, providing an array of creative options for your music production journey.


Feature Specification
Keys 37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed
Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel Yes
Assignable X/Y Joystick Yes
Drum Pads 8 full-size MPC RGB backlit
Step Sequencer Yes (2 Track Poly Step/Live Sequencer)
Chords Mode and Scales Mode Yes
Arpeggiator and Note Repeat Yes
Assignable Encoders 8 Assignable Encoders
Sustain Pedal Input Yes
5-pin MIDI and CV/Gate Yes
USB MIDI and USB Powered Yes
Transport and DAW Control Yes
Pattern Save Yes
Connectors USB Type-B port,
(3) 1/8″ (3.5mm) CV Outputs,
(2) 1/8″ (3.5mm) CV Clock In/Out,
(2) MIDI DIN In/Out Ports,
(1) Sustain input
Dimensions 17.76″ x 7.08″ x 2.04″ (45.11cm x 18.0cm x 5.2cm)
Weight 2.78 lbs./1.26kg