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Discover unparalleled performance and simplicity with the AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System. Designed to deliver exceptional audio clarity with hassle-free operation, this dual-channel vocal wireless system is an exceptional value for its price, perfect for houses of worship, clubs, and small stages.

Step into the world of ‘plug and play’ wireless solutions with the WMS40 Mini Dual Vocal Set. Included in the package are two HT40 Mini handheld transmitters. Each transmitter boasts a dynamic cardioid capsule, designed to maximize gain before feedback, enabling you to perform confidently even on narrow stages.

One of the standout features of the HT40 Mini handheld transmitter is its extended battery life. You can enjoy up to 30 hours of uninterrupted use with just a single AA battery, an incredibly efficient choice for daily usage, saving you both time and money. Ensuring high-quality audio performance, these transmitters feature AKG’s HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology, which delivers clean and clear sound. Their robust construction, complete with an on/off/mute switch and a durable wire-mesh cap, ensures longevity and reliable performance.

This set also includes the compact SR40 Mini Dual wireless receiver, skillfully integrating two independent wireless receivers into one streamlined housing. This small footprint receiver offers two balanced outputs through 1/4 inch jack connectors. Furthermore, it features three status LEDs for on/off status, received signal strength, and audio clipping, giving you complete control and visibility over your performance. It also offers a volume control and a silent on/off switch to protect your speakers from potential damage.

Working on Channel 70, the AKG WMS40 Mini2 system doesn’t require a license in the UK. The WMS40 Mini Vocal Set ISM2 operates on the frequency band of ISM 2 (864.375 MHz), enabling the use of up to three WMS 40 systems simultaneously, provided you use different ISM units to prevent interference.

The AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System brings together robust design, exceptional audio performance, and ease of use into a single package that is unbeatable in terms of cost-performance ratio. Get ready to enjoy the freedom of wireless operation without sacrificing sound quality or dealing with complex setups.

Your package includes:

1 x SR40 Mini Receiver
1 x HT40 Mini Handheld transmitter
1 x Universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter
1 x AA size battery

Experience the difference of the AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System and bring a new level of ease and clarity to your performances. Trust in the expertise and innovative technology of AKG, the renowned industry leader in sound systems. Choose AKG WMS40 Mini2 – because your voice deserves to be heard in the best way possible.


Effortless Dual Channel Wireless Solution

Uncomplicate your sound with the AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System. This system integrates two channels, enabling simultaneous operation of two microphones, perfect for multi-performer environments.

High-Quality Sound Delivery

Experience top-notch audio quality with the High Definition Audio Performance (HDAP) technology incorporated into this system. It ensures a clear and crisp sound, enhancing your vocal performances.

Durable HT40 Mini Handheld Transmitters

The set includes two HT40 Mini handheld transmitters equipped with a dynamic cardioid capsule, designed to provide maximum gain before feedback, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

Impressive Battery Life

The HT40 Mini handheld transmitters boast an incredibly long battery life of 30 hours from a single AA battery, offering efficient and economical daily usage.

Compact SR40 Mini Dual Receiver

The SR40 Mini Dual wireless receiver, integrated into a compact housing, offers crystal clear audio and easy operation, making it an ideal choice for diverse performance settings.

No Licence Required

Operating on Channel 70, the AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System eliminates the need for a license in the UK, allowing for hassle-free usage.

Simultaneous Use of Multiple Systems

With careful selection of different ISM units, you can operate up to three WMS 40 systems concurrently, broadening the scope of your performances.

Unbeatable Value

The AKG WMS40 Mini2 Dual Vocal Wireless System offers superior performance, ease of use, and long-term savings, making it an excellent investment for anyone seeking a reliable wireless sound system.