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Immerse yourself in the world of enhanced digital delay with the BOSS DD-3T, a reimagined classic for the modern guitarist. This iconic delay pedal, an updated version of the industry-standard DD-3, maintains its original sound and control layout while integrating advanced features for today’s musicians. Loved for its rich, round delay tone, intuitive controls, and simple operation, the DD-3T carries on the legacy of its predecessor, the DD-3, and its ancestor, the world’s first digital delay pedal, the DD-2.

Experience the versatility of the DD-3T with its ultra-easy operation for rapid sound creation. Offering a delay time range from 12.5 to 800 milliseconds, this delay stomp pedal effortlessly caters to your needs for quick setup across different musical genres. Create rhythmic delay effects at the core of various guitar styles with the DD-3T’s built-in tap tempo feature, controllable via the onboard pedal switch or an external footswitch. With up to 800 ms of delay time when receiving tap input, you have the flexibility to set the tap subdivision through the Mode knob, choosing between quarter-note triplet, dotted-eighth note, or quarter note.

The DD-3T isn’t just about creating classic delay effects; it also opens up new dimensions for your setup. The pedal’s direct output jack, now conveniently positioned next to the main output jack, facilitates simpler connectivity for wet/dry arrangements. This feature lets you direct wet and dry signals to different amplifiers, creating a broad, enveloping soundstage. Moreover, if your amplifier or switcher has a parallel effects loop, you can plug a dummy into the direct output, muting the dry sound for effect-only blending.

A testament to BOSS’s commitment to innovation is the inclusion of the “Short Loop” setting, a rebranding of the original DD-3’s forward-thinking “Hold” function. The Hold function was a game-changer in the original DD-3 and DD-2, allowing the capture and continuous play of a sound up to 800 ms long. The “Short Loop” feature lets you not just revisit that classic function but use it in the context of today’s popular live looping style.

With a solid construction and the reliability of BOSS’s five-year warranty, the DD-3T is ready to take its place on your pedalboard. Its compact size of 73 mm width, 129 mm depth, and 59 mm height, and weight of 420 grams including battery, make it a perfect fit for any setup. With an expected continuous use battery life of approximately five hours from an alkaline 9 V battery and a current draw of 70 mA, this pedal is designed to perform and last.

This pedalboard staple is set to continue the legacy of its predecessors while paving the way for future innovation. BOSS’s DD-3T Digital Delay – a marriage of tradition and advancement, providing modern players with a nostalgic yet contemporary tool for sound creation. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner guitarist, let the DD-3T help you create your signature sound.


Updated Classic with Advanced Features

Explore the BOSS DD-3T, a modernized version of the iconic DD-3 digital delay pedal. This updated classic now integrates user-friendly and innovative features while retaining its traditional sound and control layout, making it an industry-standard choice for guitarists around the globe.

Flexible and Easy Sound Creation

Create your signature sound with ease using the DD-3T’s intuitive operation. With a delay time range of 12.5 to 800 milliseconds divided into three ranges, this digital delay pedal offers seamless and rapid sound creation to cater to a diverse array of musical styles.

Integrated Tap Tempo

Add rhythm to your performance with the DD-3T’s onboard tap tempo feature. Whether you use the pedal switch or an external footswitch, the DD-3T lets you tap in tempos for creating heart-thumping delay effects essential to many guitar styles.

Direct Output for Wet/Dry Setups

Expand your setup’s dimensions with the DD-3T’s newly positioned direct output jack. Offering easy connectivity for wet/dry configurations, this pedal allows you to send wet and dry signals to different amps, creating an immersive, broad soundstage for your performances.

Innovative “Short Loop” Feature

Unleash your creativity with the DD-3T’s “Short Loop” setting. Echoing the original DD-3’s “Hold” function, this feature lets you capture and continuously play a sound, paving the way for live looping and experimental sounds.

Compact and Reliable

Trust in the BOSS DD-3T’s sturdy construction, compact size, and BOSS’s five-year warranty. With its size of 73 mm width, 129 mm depth, and 59 mm height, and weight of 420 grams, the DD-3T is a reliable addition to any pedalboard setup.

Energy-Efficient Performance

Experience the DD-3T’s longevity and performance with its energy-efficient design. Providing an approximate battery life of five hours under continuous use from a 9 V alkaline battery, this pedal guarantees reliable performance for your gigs and rehearsals.


Specification Value
Nominal Input Level -20 dBu
Input Impedance 1 M ohm
Nominal Output Level -20 dBu
Output Impedance 1 k ohm
Recommended Load Impedance 10 k ohms or greater
Bypass Buffered bypass
Controls MODE knob, TIME knob, FEEDBACK knob, E.LEVEL(Effect Level) knob, Pedal switch
Indicator CHECK indicator (Used for indication of check battery)
Connectors INPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type, OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type, DIRECT OUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type, TEMPO jack: 1/4-inch phone type, DC IN jack
Power Supply Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately)
Current Draw 70 mA
Expected battery life under continuous use Approx. 5 hours
Size Width: 73 mm, Depth: 129 mm, Height: 59 mm
Weight (including battery) 420 g