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Rediscover the authentic analog magic with the MXR Micro Chorus M148 guitar effects pedal. Drawing inspiration from iconic MXR classics like the Phase 90, Dyna Comp, and Micro Amp, the Micro Chorus M148 stands tall with its unmatched tonal prowess.

Harnessing the time-tested bucket brigade technology, this pedal delivers the warm, analog tone that has charmed guitarists for decades. Whether you’re in the mood for shimmering, sparkly tones or intense rotating speaker simulations, this reissue from the 80s has got you covered. What sets the Micro Chorus apart is its singular Rate control knob – a testament to its user-friendly design and MXR’s commitment to quality. With just this single control, you can traverse a plethora of rich chorus textures: from the grungy, watery depths at lower settings to the breathtaking Leslie cabinet imitations when cranked up.

One of the standout features of the Micro Chorus M148 is its true bypass. This ensures that your guitar’s genuine tone remains uncolored when the pedal is disengaged, a crucial factor for many purists who desire an uncompromised sound.

Despite its extensive capabilities, the Micro Chorus remains remarkably compact, occupying no more space than the Phase 90. Constructed with durability in mind, its rugged metal housing ensures it can withstand the rigors of road use, making it a perfect companion for touring guitarists.

For powering up, the Micro Chorus offers flexibility. Whether you prefer using a 9V battery or an external AC adapter (not included), you’re sorted.

The MXR Micro Chorus M148 isn’t just a reissue – it’s a statement, blending old-school charm with modern reliability. Perfect for guitarists seeking that distinct analog chorus texture, it’s an essential addition to any pedalboard.


Authentic Analog Magic

Dive deep into genuine analog sounds with the Micro Chorus M148, drawing its lineage from iconic MXR classics such as Phase 90 and Dyna Comp. A reimagined 80s gem for the modern guitarist.

Bucket Brigade Technology

Employing the revered bucket brigade technology, this pedal is your passport to warm, encompassing chorus tones reminiscent of the golden era of music.

Effortless Rate Control

One knob is all it takes. From watery, grunge-tinged sounds to powerful Leslie cabinet simulations, navigate a diverse sonic spectrum with just the Rate control.

True Bypass Excellence

Ensure an unadulterated guitar tone even when the pedal is off, thanks to the true bypass feature. Pure sound, zero compromises.

Compact & Road-Worthy

Designed for the touring artist, the Micro Chorus boasts a durable metal enclosure fitting snugly alongside your other pedals, all in a Phase 90-sized box.

Flexible Power Options

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional 9V battery or an external AC adapter, powering up the Micro Chorus is a breeze, catering to every guitarist’s preference.


Technology All analog circuitry with bucket brigade technology
Tone Quality Rich chorus textures
Bypass Type True bypass
Control Feature Control for rate
Power Supply 9V battery or optional AC adapter (not included)
Housing Phase 90 sized metal box