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Unleash the iconic tremolo effects from the 1960s with the BOSS TR-2 Tremolo guitar pedal. First introduced in 1997 as a successor to the PN-2, the TR-2 stands out as a hallmark of classic tremolo sounds reminiscent of legendary valve amplifiers of the vintage era. This compact device is not just a nostalgic blast from the past but a testament to BOSS’s commitment to blending old-world charm with contemporary technology.

A simple glance at the TR-2 reveals its user-friendly interface. With dedicated “Wave,” “Rate,” and “Depth” knobs, guitarists can tailor their sound effortlessly. The “Wave” control allows a seamless transition between triangle and square LFO waveforms, ensuring a vast soundscape ranging from the soft, subtle vibrations to the sharp rhythmic pulses. The “Rate” knob facilitates swift adjustments, surpassing the capabilities of the classic PN-2, while the “Depth” feature governs the intensity of the tremolo effect.

Despite its compact size, measuring only 73mm in width, 129mm in depth, and 59mm in height, the TR-2 doesn’t compromise on performance. Its connectors include a standard 1/4-inch INPUT jack, a 1/4-inch OUTPUT jack, and a dedicated DC IN jack. Engineered with a nominal input and output level of -20 dBu, the pedal ensures clarity with a residual noise level of -90 dBu (IHF-A Weighted, Typ.), making it a trusty companion for live performances and studio recordings alike.

Powering the BOSS TR-2 is a breeze. It’s compatible with both carbon-zinc and alkaline 9V batteries. The estimated battery life under continuous use is approximately 12 hours for carbon and an impressive 28 hours for alkaline, though the actual life may vary based on usage conditions. For those who prefer an uninterrupted power supply, there’s an option to connect it to an AC adapter from the PSA series, sold separately.

When it comes to durability, the TR-2 is crafted to withstand the test of time, weighing in at 385g. Plus, with BOSS’s five-year warranty, it’s evident that this pedal is designed to be a long-lasting addition to your gear.

In essence, the BOSS TR-2 Tremolo guitar pedal offers a blend of vintage allure with modern-day precision. Whether you’re a blues enthusiast looking to combine it with an overdrive pedal for an authentic bluesy tone or a rock guitarist seeking that iconic tremolo effect, the TR-2 is your gateway to sonic perfection. Elevate your sound with the charm of the 60s and the technology of today. Invest in the BOSS TR-2 Tremolo pedal and let your guitar sing with vintage fervor!


Classic Tremolo Effects

Experience the timeless tremolo tones reminiscent of the 1960s valve amplifiers, skillfully encapsulated in the BOSS TR-2’s compact design.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitively dial in your desired effect with dedicated “Wave,” “Rate,” and “Depth” knobs, ensuring both novices and pros can sculpt their sound effortlessly.

Flexible Waveform Control

Switch between the subtle triangle and pronounced square LFO waveforms with the “Wave” knob, offering a diverse range of soundscapes for various genres.

Extended Battery Life

Whether you’re jamming or performing, the TR-2 guarantees hours of uninterrupted play, supporting both carbon-zinc and alkaline 9V batteries with impressive lifespans.

Compact and Durable Design

While encapsulating vintage charm, the TR-2 is built for the modern era with a sturdy construction, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of constant use.

Optimized Sound Clarity

With a residual noise level of -90 dBu (IHF-A Weighted, Typ.), the TR-2 ensures that your performances remain clear and free from unwanted interference.

BOSS’s Trusted Warranty

Invest with confidence knowing that the TR-2 is backed by BOSS’s industry-leading five-year warranty, a testament to its superior craftsmanship.


Nominal Input Level -20 dBu
Input Impedance 1 M ohm
Nominal Output Level -20 dBu
Output Impedance 1 k ohm
Residual Noise Level -90 dBu (IHF-A Weighted, Typ.)
Connectors INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack, DC IN Jack
Power Supply Carbon-zinc battery (9 V, 6F22) or Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately)
Current Draw 25 mA
Expected Battery Life Carbon: Approx. 12 hours, Alkaline: Approx. 28 hours
Size (Width x Depth x Height) 73mm x 129mm x 59mm
Weight (Including Battery) 385g