Fender Rumble LT25 Bass Amplifier


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Discover the unparalleled excellence of the Fender Rumble LT25, the fruit of Fender’s rich history in crafting the world’s finest bass amps. This compact, user-friendly amp is perfect for any bassist seeking an accessible, high-performing amp that doesn’t compromise on sound quality.

The Rumble LT25 stands out from the crowd with its stunning array of 50 presets, offering a veritable treasure trove of electric bass tones. This compilation of tones covers an impressive range of music, from vintage classics to modern hits, giving you the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to any genre. The best part? Thirty of these presets are editable, allowing you to personalize your tone to perfection.

This amp isn’t just about presets, though. With 15 different amp types and 20 effects on board, the Rumble LT25 is the embodiment of versatility. Delve into an extensive collection of vintage Fender models, contemporary bass amps, and preamps. Shape your unique sound with the multitude of onboard effects, such as distortion, overdrive, compression, EQ, touch wah, modulation, reverb, delay, and octave effects. All these options at your fingertips, yet with a delightfully straightforward user interface that puts you in the driver’s seat without any hassle.

Beyond its remarkable tonal versatility, the Rumble LT25 is also designed with the modern bassist’s practical needs in mind. The built-in chromatic tuner helps you tune your bass in a snap, while the USB connectivity allows you to effortlessly record tracks on your preferred DAW or update your firmware when required. To top it off, the Rumble LT25 features stereo inputs and outputs for immersive practice sessions, complete with a headphone output for those who want to practice without disturbing the peace.

Born from Fender’s deep-seated expertise and trusted quality, the Rumble LT25 promises to revolutionize your bass-playing experience. It’s not just an amp; it’s a compact, convenient, and customizable solution for the home or office. With the Rumble LT25, your living room becomes your stage.

Trust the Fender Rumble LT25 to deliver the sound you love without the fuss. Find your perfect tone, embrace your creativity, and elevate your practice sessions – all with an amp that was designed with you in mind. So why wait? Discover the Fender Rumble LT25 today and redefine what it means to play bass at home.


Unparalleled Tone Variety

Experience the vast spectrum of bass tones with the Fender Rumble LT25. Its 50 versatile presets and 30 editable tones allow you to immerse yourself in a world of sound possibilities, all easily accessible and customizable.

Distinct Amp Types and Effects

With 15 distinct amp types and 20 onboard effects, the Rumble LT25 offers a comprehensive sound palette. From vintage Fender models to modern bass amps and a range of effects like distortion, overdrive, and EQ, this compact amp truly embodies sound versatility.

User-friendly Interface

Despite its extensive capabilities, the Rumble LT25 comes with an intuitive user interface. Its straightforward controls enable even beginners to navigate through its vast sound options and settings effortlessly.

Practical Features for Modern Bassists

Beyond its tonal features, the Rumble LT25 is designed with practicality in mind. Benefit from the convenience of a built-in chromatic tuner and USB connectivity for easy recording and firmware updates. Stereo inputs and outputs, along with a headphone output, offer various options for immersive practice sessions.

Fender’s Trusted Quality

With decades of experience in producing world-class bass amps, Fender’s trusted quality is at the heart of the Rumble LT25. This compact and high-performing amp is the ideal companion for any bassist seeking a reliable practice amp for home or office use.

Compact and Convenient Design

The Fender Rumble LT25’s compact design makes it perfect for bassists needing a quality amp that’s manageable in size and can be played at reasonable volume levels. Embrace your creativity and elevate your practice sessions with an amp that’s been designed with your needs in mind.


Power Output 25 Watts
Speaker Single 8” Bass Speaker
Cabinet Material Ported Wooden Cabinet
Display 1.8″ Color Display
Headphone Output Stereo Headphone Output
Compatibility Compatible with Fender Tone Desktop App
Presets 50 Presets (30 Editable, 20 Hidden)
Amp Types 15 Amp Types
Effects 20 Effects
Additional Features Chromatic Tuner, USB Connectivity, Stereo Inputs and Outputs