Jim Dunlop Jazz Pick Variety Pack of 6


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Looking for the ideal jazz pick but overwhelmed by choices? The Dunlop Pick Variety Pack is here to solve your dilemma! Esteemed as a frontrunner in quality and innovation, Dunlop brings you a selection that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned guitarists.

Inside the pack you will find,

Nylon Jazz III Red: A classic choice for precision.
Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fibre: Exceptional grip with a modern touch.
Nylon Jazz II XL Black: Bigger size for a fuller sound.
Tortex Jazz M3 Green: Durable with a smooth, matte finish.
Ultex Jazz III & Ultex Jazz III XL: For a sharp, bright tone with added durability.

Whether you’re experimenting or looking to diversify your playing style, this variety pack offers a taste of Dunlop’s most popular Jazz picks. It’s more than just a selection of picks; it’s your pathway to finding your unique sound. Get your pack today and strum your way to jazz perfection!