Jim Dunlop Light-Medium Plectrum Variety Pack of 12


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Unleash your musical potential with the Dunlop Pick Variety Pack, meticulously crafted for both novice and seasoned guitarists. This exceptional collection lets you explore and experience Dunlop’s finest picks, all in one convenient package. Whether you’re strumming your first chord or mastering complex riffs, this pack provides the perfect pick for every playing style.


Diverse Thicknesses

Includes a range of picks from 0.58mm to 0.73mm, catering to different playing dynamics.

Quality Materials

Features Tortex, Ultex, Celluloid, Nylon, Max Grip, and Gator Grip picks, each offering unique tonal qualities and grip.


Perfect for various genres and techniques, from delicate strumming to aggressive picking.


Pick Type Thickness/Material
Tortex 0.60mm
Tortex 0.73mm
Ultex Standard 0.60mm
Ultex Sharp 0.73mm
Celluloid Shell Thin
Celluloid Shell Medium
Nylon Standard 0.60mm
Nylon Standard 0.73mm
Max Grip 0.60mm
Max Grip 0.73mm
Gator Grip 0.58mm
Gator Grip 0.71mm