Lag Tramontane 170 TN170ASCE Country Auditorium Slim Cutaway Electro-Acoustic


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The LAG TN170ASCE Tramontane N170 Electro-Classical Guitar is a testament to what happens when the comfort of a slim-bodied steel-string meets the lush tones of nylon strings. Crafted for both acoustic and electric guitar enthusiasts, this instrument beckons those eager to meld contemporary feel with classical sound.

Situated in Glasgow’s musical heart, Merchant City Music stands proud to showcase this exceptional piece. Our promise? Every guitar we offer undergoes meticulous scrutiny and professional setup, ensuring your instrument resonates perfection right from the first strum.

One of the defining characteristics of the LAG Tramontane N170 is its Solid Red Cedar soundboard. Darker in shade than its Spruce counterpart, Cedar is renowned for imparting a warm, mellow tone. Especially in a slim-bodied design like the N170, this choice of wood accentuates mid and lower registers that might otherwise get overshadowed. Plus, with time, the solid wood matures, enhancing its tonal richness with each passing note.

LAG’s commitment to aesthetics and quality shines bright in the guitar’s oval rosette and gracefully designed headstock. Beyond its stunning looks, the N170 boasts cutting-edge technology. Equipped with the Fishman CLASICA II pickup system, this guitar is fine-tuned to capture and amplify the nuanced sound of nylon strings. From an integrated chromatic tuner and discreet control knobs to a phase button and dual-band EQ, the N170 is ever-prepared to grace any stage.

The guitar’s body is adorned with a natural satin open pore finish, and its silhouette is further defined by satin black hardware. The combination of Solid Red Cedar and Khaya woods promises not just visual appeal but also tonal depth. The smooth playing experience is enhanced with a Brown Brankowood fretboard and bridge, while features like the double-action truss rod, classic tuning pegs with a 1:15 ratio, and medium silver nickel frets ensure longevity and playability.

With dimensions measuring 1060 x 485 x 110 mm and a weight of 2.85 kg, the LAG TN170ASCE Tramontane N170 ensures comfort and manageability for players of varied statures. It stands as a timeless testament to impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled sound. Discover its musical allure, now available at Merchant City Music.


Elegant Slim-Bodied Design

The LAG TN170ASCE Tramontane N170 seamlessly combines the slender feel of a steel-string with the richness of a classical guitar, making it perfect for players keen on exploring new tonal landscapes.

Red Cedar Soundboard

Darker and more distinguished than Spruce, the Solid Red Cedar top offers a warm, mellow tone, ensuring depth in the mid and lower registers, especially crucial for its slim body design.

Advanced Fishman CLASICA II Electronics

Boasting top-tier amplification, this guitar features the Fishman CLASICA II system, meticulously designed to bring out the authentic warmth and nuance of nylon strings. Integrated tools like the chromatic tuner and dual-band EQ make it stage-ready at all times.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Aesthetics

From its oval rosette to the gracefully contoured headstock, every inch of the LAG Tramontane N170 exudes meticulous craftsmanship, mirroring LAG’s unwavering commitment to quality and design.

Durable and Playable

With features like the double-action truss rod, classic 1:15 ratio tuning pegs, and medium silver nickel frets, players can be assured of the guitar’s longevity and consistent playability, irrespective of their playing style.

Satin Finishes and Premium Woods

Adorned with a natural satin open pore finish and complemented by satin black hardware, the N170 beautifully marries the tonal richness of Solid Red Cedar and Khaya woods, creating a visual and auditory masterpiece.

Comfort for All

Measuring at a manageable 1060 x 485 x 110 mm and weighing 2.85 kg, the Tramontane N170 ensures a comfortable playing experience for guitarists of all statures, be it on stage or in a cozy studio setting.


Body and Finish Slim auditorium-bodied with a natural satin open pore finish and satin black hardware
Tonewood Solid Red Cedar top with Khaya back and sides
Fretboard & Bridge Brown Brankowood
Electronics Fishman Clasica II system with integrated chromatic tuner, control knobs, phase button, and dual-band EQ
Dimensions 1060 x 485 x 110 mm
Weight 2.85 kg
Neck Khaya
Nut Black graphite wedge with dimensions 72 mm & 46 mm
Nut Width 46 mm
Strings Savarez 510 MRJ mixed tension nylon strings
Scale Length 650 mm
Truss Rod Double-action
Tuning Pegs Classics with a ratio of 1:15
Fret Type Medium Silver Nickel