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For two decades, a synergistic partnership has thrived between Dunlop and the iconic Zakk Wylde, giving rise to a plethora of groundbreaking guitar accessories. Now, in commemoration of this 20-year collaboration, we proudly present the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive – a stomp box that exemplifies raw power and sophistication.

This pedal isn’t just a means to produce sound; it’s a statement of authority and prowess. Zakk Wylde’s trademark is his robust, piercing overdrive and majestic lead tones, both of which are encapsulated within this robust device. Designed with a minimalist’s perspective, the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive offers a trio of straightforward controls: Output, Tone, and Gain. These intuitively crafted knobs ensure that you spend less time fiddling and more time churning out those overpowering sonic masterpieces.

The genius behind Zakk Wylde’s renowned high gain tone is achieved by coupling this pedal with a high gain dirty amplifier. This combination not only paves the way for potent lead tones but also offers an enviable sustain. With the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive at your feet, you’re not just playing solos; you’re constructing lasting auditory imprints, ones that linger long after the last note fades.

Beyond its tonal brilliance, this pedal promises durability and steadfastness, much like the legacy it represents. When integrated into your setup, expect your amp to roar with a heavy, gritty crunch that’s synonymous with Zakk Wylde’s signature sound. The external controls of the pedal comprise of a footswitch that toggles between effect and bypass, an Output knob dictating the overall effect volume, a Tone knob for overdrive EQ, and the Gain knob for managing overdrive intensity.

Installation is a breeze. Connect your guitar to the WA44’s INPUT jack and link the WA44’s OUTPUT jack to your amplifier. With all knobs starting at the midpoint, you’re just a footswitch away from unleashing sonic chaos. The pedal’s flexibility lets you manipulate its output – brighten or warm up your tone and adjust the overdrive’s intensity as per your artistic inclinations.

At its core, the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive operates via a single 9-volt battery, though it’s also compatible with a 9-volt AC adapter like the Dunlop ECB003 or the MXR® Brick™ Series power supply. Its specifications highlight an Input Impedance of 1 MΩ, an Output Impedance of 7.5 kΩ, and a nominal Input of -22 dBV. It’s also energy-efficient, drawing just 2.2 mA of current.

In the realm of guitar accessories, the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive isn’t just another addition; it’s an evolution. It’s a tribute to an iconic partnership and, more importantly, an essential tool for guitarists keen on making their mark.


The Legacy of Dunlop and Zakk Wylde

Commemorating two decades of an unparalleled partnership, the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive is a testament to the combined genius of Dunlop and the legendary Zakk Wylde.

Minimalistic, Yet Powerful Controls

Boasting a trio of intuitive controls – Output, Tone, and Gain – this pedal is designed for those who crave simplicity without compromising on power, ensuring you churn out sonic masterpieces without any fuss.

Unmatched Sustain and Intensity

Experience the thrill of Zakk Wylde’s iconic high gain tone. When paired with a high gain dirty amplifier, this pedal not only produces potent lead tones but also promises an enviable sustain that lasts.

Durable and Robust Design

Beyond its sonic capabilities, the MXR Wylde Audio Overdrive stands as a beacon of durability, promising to be a steadfast companion in all your musical endeavors.

Easy Installation and Setup

Integration is a breeze. With a straightforward setup involving the INPUT and OUTPUT jacks, you’re just a footswitch away from unleashing a torrent of sonic brilliance.

Flexible Power Options

Whether you prefer a classic 9-volt battery, the Dunlop ECB003 adapter, or the MXR® Brick™ Series power supply, this pedal offers versatility in its power sources, catering to every guitarist’s needs.


Input Impedance 1 MΩ
Output Impedance 7.5 kΩ
Nominal Input -22 dBV
Noise Floor* -88 dBV
*Note A-weighted
Bypass Hardwire
Current Draw 2.2 mA
Voltage Requirements 9 volts DC