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Meet the Soho 2.6, a masterstroke in audio engineering and a trusted companion in your world of sound. Unrivalled in its class, it’s our brand’s champion product – the Stratocaster of our line, if you will. This marvel of modern technology ensures you’re not just hearing but living every beat, every strum, every note of your favourite tracks, all for a staggering 100 hours on a single charge. It’s True Wireless Sound (TWS) at its best.

The secret of the Soho 2.6 lies in its proprietary Hybrid Noise Cancelling technology. This is no ordinary tech jargon; it’s a carefully chosen mix of materials and design choices to keep the world out and your music in. But that’s not all – the active noise cancellation takes in ambient sounds and, through a sprinkle of technical magic, tosses them right back out. This gives you an audio experience that’s not only uninterrupted but truly immersive.

What good is sound, though, without comfort? Fret not; the Soho 2.6 has been engineered keeping your comfort paramount. With its lightweight design and ultra-soft memory foam head cushion, it’s crafted for all-day wear without the slightest hint of discomfort. You can trust these headphones to deliver, whether you’re unwinding to the mellow tunes of Sam Cooke after a week at the CNC machine or need that reggae pick-me-up from Bob Marley while commuting.

Soho 2.6 is much more than just a set of headphones. It’s a testament to our commitment to the environment. Not only is our packaging 100% recyclable, but we also opt for soy inks for their eco-friendly qualities. With every purchase, you’re playing your part in keeping our planet green.

Beyond its sleek exterior, the Soho 2.6 is fitted with intuitive playback controls on the touch pad of the right ear piece. Its built-in microphones add a layer of hands-free convenience and enhance its ambient and ANC features.

Let’s not forget about power. The Soho 2.6 doesn’t just join the 100 club, it’s a reigning member. Even with the active noise cancelling engaged, you can enjoy up to 70 hours of playback time. Turn it off, and you’re looking at a mind-blowing 100 hours.

Under its hood, you’ll find a 40mm NdFeB speaker and a rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, HSPv1.2, HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.2, and AVRCPv1.4, and the frequency response range is a solid 20-20kHz. The Type-C charging cable ensures you’re quickly up and running again after just 3 hours of charging time.

The Soho 2.6 isn’t just a product; it’s a celebration of sound, comfort, and sustainability. It embodies our expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, and it’s been created with one single focus: you. It’s not about ticking boxes for search engine rankings; it’s about delivering a seamless, immersive, and memorable audio experience. With the Soho 2.6, you’re not just buying headphones; you’re investing in a soundscape.


Unleash the Power of Sound with True Wireless Technology

Experience the freedom of True Wireless Sound (TWS) with our Soho 2.6 headphones. Seamlessly connect to your device and dive into your favourite tracks without any wired constraints.

Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology for an Immersive Experience

Tune out the world and tune into your music with our hybrid noise cancelling technology. It ingeniously combines material choices and design elements to keep external noise out, while our active noise cancellation further enhances your listening experience.

Comfort that Lasts All Day Long

Designed with your ultimate comfort in mind, the Soho 2.6 features an ultra-soft memory foam head cushion and a lightweight design. Enjoy extended periods of listening without discomfort, keeping your focus on the music.

Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Planet

The Soho 2.6 comes in 100% recyclable packaging printed with eco-friendly soy inks. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact and helping you do the same with every purchase.

Intuitive Controls at Your Fingertips

Navigate your playlist with ease using the built-in touch pad on the right ear piece of the Soho 2.6. No more fumbling for buttons; control your music experience with just a swipe.

Hands-free Communication with Built-In Microphones

Enjoy hands-free calls and voice assistant support with the integrated microphones in the Soho 2.6. They also enhance the ambient and active noise cancellation features, making your audio experience even more enjoyable.

Extended Battery Life for Endless Music Enjoyment

Experience up to 100 hours of playback on a single charge with the Soho 2.6. Even with active noise cancelling engaged, enjoy up to 70 hours of your favourite music.

Superior Audio Quality with High-End Specifications

Relish the impeccable audio quality delivered by the 40mm NdFeB speakers. Supporting a wide range of Bluetooth protocols and a solid 20-20kHz frequency response, the Soho 2.6 offers an impressive sonic performance for all music genres.


Speaker Size 40mm NdFeB Speaker
Audio Decoding SBC
Frequency Response Range 20-20kHz
Connection Method Type-C Charging Cable
Supported Modes BT 5.0, HSPv1.2, HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.2, And AVRCPv1.4
Bluetooth Frequency 2.402-2.480GHz
Bluetooth Power <8.0dBm
Battery Specifications Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Ion Battery 1200mAh
Charging Time 3 Hours
Headphone Playback Time 70 Hours (ANC ON), 100 Hours (ANC OFF)