Tanglewood TWBB-OE Blackbird Folk Electro-Acoustic In Smokestack Black


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Indulge in a harmonious blend of the vintage and the contemporary with the Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar. Imbued with a nostalgic charm reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s American instruments, this musical marvel embodies a unique aura, aptly represented by its distinct Smokestack Black Satin finish. This fine instrument stands out as a testament to the master craftsmanship of Michael Sanden and the Tanglewood artisanal team, who have meticulously crafted it to deliver a sublime acoustic experience.

At the heart of this electro-acoustic guitar is its Orchestra body shape, hand-selected Mahogany top, back, and sides, harmoniously working together to yield a rich, full-bodied sound. These carefully selected mahogany elements create a warmth and depth that will transport you back to the timeless era of the deep south blues. The guitar’s Techwood fingerboard and bridge further enrich the overall tone, lending a well-rounded, lush resonance to your music.

Whether you’re a fingerstyle virtuoso or a strumming enthusiast, the Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic will respond to your touch with exceptional precision. Its Bronze Light strings offer a tactile feel, allowing you to weave intricate melodies and chord progressions effortlessly. The comfort and playability of this guitar are further accentuated by its Satin finish, providing a smooth texture that is a delight to hold and play.

This stage-ready instrument comes equipped with the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system. Designed to capture the guitar’s natural tone, this advanced electronic system ensures that your music resonates with crystal clear accuracy during live performances. An onboard tuner lets you make quick, on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring you’re always in tune.

The Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar is not just a musical instrument, but a bridge connecting the past and the present. It exudes an irresistible allure with its vintage-inspired Smokestack Black Satin finish and retro Ivory ABS bindings, making it a visual masterpiece in its own right.

Whether you’re playing at a concert or jamming with friends, this guitar’s unmistakable personality will shine through, casting a spell on your audience. Its rich sonic palette, coupled with a sturdy construction, make the Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic a must-have for musicians who yearn for a vintage aura complemented by modern features. Experience this marvel of craftsmanship and let the echoes of the past inspire your music in ways you’ve never imagined before.


Hand-Selected Mahogany Construction

The Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar is defined by its hand-selected mahogany body. The rich, full-bodied tone of this guitar is a testament to the characteristic warmth and depth of mahogany. The wood’s inherent resonance and sustain breathe life into your music, creating a profound acoustic experience. Mahogany’s distinct sonic signature has been the foundation of countless legendary tracks, and now it’s ready to elevate your performances.

Orchestra Body Shape

Boasting an orchestra body shape, the Tanglewood TWBBOE combines the comfort of a smaller bodied instrument with the full, robust sound of a larger one. This shape makes it an excellent choice for both strummers and fingerstyle players, giving you the versatility to explore a wide array of musical styles. The orchestra body design also offers a balanced tonal range and improved playability, ensuring you’re always comfortable during long playing sessions.

Vintage-Inspired Design

The design aesthetics of the Tanglewood TWBBOE hark back to the glory of 1940s and 50s American instruments. The distinctive Smokestack Black Satin finish, coupled with vintage ivory ABS bindings, adds a nostalgic touch, making this guitar a visual treat. This mix of vintage charm and modern craftsmanship creates a timeless instrument that appeals to musicians who appreciate the elegance of the past.

Superior Electronics

The Tanglewood TWBBOE comes with the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system, enhancing your stage performances by capturing the guitar’s natural tone with precision. The onboard electronics ensure your acoustic sound is faithfully reproduced when amplified, keeping your live performances sounding authentic and pure. Furthermore, the inbuilt tuner allows for quick and easy tuning adjustments, ensuring your guitar is always pitch-perfect.

Techwood Fingerboard and Bridge

This remarkable guitar features a Techwood fingerboard and bridge, adding another dimension to its rich, resonant sound. The Techwood components lend a mellow tonality to your music, enhancing the overall warmth and depth of the guitar’s sound. It also contributes to the smooth playability of the instrument, offering a tactile feel that facilitates effortless fingerwork and quick movements up and down the neck.

Stage-Ready Features

Designed for the live performer, the Tanglewood TWBBOE Blackbird Folk Electro Acoustic Guitar is equipped with everything you need for an engaging, memorable performance. The inclusion of Bronze Light strings gives you a balanced tonal output with excellent intonation, perfect for strumming or fingerpicking. Coupled with the guitar’s die-cast tuning machines, you get a musical instrument that stays in tune, performs flawlessly, and resonates with vintage-inspired warmth.

By combining these elements, the Tanglewood TWBBOE offers a mix of superior sound, ease-of-use, and aesthetic appeal that’s hard to beat. It’s an ideal choice for both budding musicians and seasoned professionals who crave a guitar that offers an authentic, retro feel with modern, stage-ready features.


Type Electro Acoustic with Built in Tuner
Shape Orchestra
Top Hand Selected Mahogany
Back Mahogany
Sides Mahogany
Fingerboard Techwood
Bridge Techwood
Strings Bronze Light
Electronics Tanglewood Premium Plus
Finish Smokestack Black Satin
Full Specification TWBBOE
Body & Bridge Material Mahogany, Techwood
Body Finish Satin
Neck & Fingerboard Material Techwood
Neck Finish Satin
Fingerboard Inlay Dot
Number of Frets 20
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut Width 43 mm
Hardware Colour Chrome
Tuning Machines Die-Cast
Series Blackbird