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Tanglewood Guitars, a renowned British brand, introduces the TWBB SDE model from its acclaimed Blackbird Range. This guitar takes inspiration from the timeless charm of 1940/50’s US musical instruments while leveraging the constructional acumen of Michael Sanden and the Tanglewood artisanal team, honed through their success with the globally lauded Crossroads range.

Constructed with meticulous care, each Blackbird model promises a resonant bass and a rich high spectrum, courtesy of its precise bracing. The TWBB SDE model incorporates vintage ivory ABS materials, emulating the Bakelite look of the 40s, to deliver an authentic, historic aesthetic appeal. While this detail doesn’t alter the sound, it undeniably adds to the guitar’s nostalgic allure.

Available in both traditional acoustic and stage-ready electro-acoustic versions, all Blackbird models come with the new Tanglewood Premium Plus Eq system as standard. The enchanting “Smokestack Black” finish, a rich smoky charcoal stain, lends a further layer of mystique to these instruments.

The TWBB SDE flaunts a slope shouldered dreadnought body. Its laminated mahogany top, back, and sides are paired with a Techwood fingerboard and bridge, culminating in a stunningly warm, authentic sound. The onboard Tanglewood Premium Plus Preamp further enhances its sonic capabilities.

Key highlights of the TWBB SDE include its ability to create spine-tingling bluesy riffs with its all-mahogany body. Its slope-shouldered dreadnought design introduces extra sonic depth to each performance. Responsive Tanglewood electronics promise a natural live sound that will captivate your audience. Finally, its Smokestack Black finish guarantees a confident, head-turning style on stage.

Unleash the rich, resonant tones of the past with the Tanglewood TWBBSDE Blackbird Electro Acoustic guitar. This guitar is perfect for honing your skills, mastering your stage persona, and offering a classic acoustic tone alongside stage-worthy style and exceptional playability. It comes with responsive electronics for customizable performance, making it a worthy companion on your musical journey.

The TWBBSDE Blackbird model brings the old-school warmth and classic acoustic voice together. Thanks to its bold, dreadnought body, this guitar responds keenly to your individual playing style. Topped with a satin finish and designed with a ‘musician’s first’ mindset, the Blackbird is a joy to play.

An all-mahogany body delivers a sonic warmth that harkens back to an iconic era of music. The mahogany offers a familiar tone that pervades many vintage records, resulting in a guitar that sounds as authentic as it looks.

The traditional slope-shouldered dreadnought body brings an unmistakable boldness to your performance, with a full-bodied, resonant sound. Its responsiveness to your individual touch makes it perfect for those looking for a guitar that resonates with their personal style.

Tanglewood’s proprietary Premium Plus electronics provide a top-tier sound in both acoustic and amplified settings. This ensures that your performances sound as pure, pristine, and organic as possible. Its tuneable system allows you to tailor your tone, enabling you to deliver a unique, unforgettable performance every time.

The Tanglewood Blackbird range, and especially the TWBB SDE model, offers a fine balance between the vintage aesthetics and modern sonic capabilities, thereby providing exceptional value at an unbeatable price.


Vintage Aesthetics with Modern Construction

Embracing the classic design features of 1940/50’s US instruments, the Tanglewood TWBB SDE Blackbird model exudes timeless charm. This aesthetic appeal is coupled with advanced construction methods from Tanglewood’s artisanal team, led by Michael Sanden, thereby combining the best of both worlds. The use of vintage ivory ABS materials, mimicking the Bakelite look of the 40s, enhances the historic allure, while the distinctive “Smokestack Black” finish adds an extra touch of sophistication.

Precise Bracing for Rich Resonance

A hallmark of the Blackbird Range, including the TWBB SDE model, is the meticulous bracing employed in their construction. This design detail ensures each guitar from the range produces a tight bottom end bass note and a clear, rich high spectrum resonance. This unique combination delivers a broad and balanced sonic spectrum, ensuring a full-bodied sound output.

Premium Sound Customisation with Tanglewood Premium Plus Preamp

The inclusion of the Tanglewood Premium Plus Preamp system allows you to tailor your sound according to your preference. This on-board preamp not only offers exceptional responsiveness and sonic fidelity but also makes the guitar stage-ready, ensuring that your live performances are pure, pristine, and organic. The guitar’s sound, both acoustically and when plugged in, can be adjusted to best suit your performance style and environment.

All-Mahogany Body for Authentic Warmth

The TWBB SDE model stands out with its all-mahogany construction, bringing forth an indulgent dark warmth. Known for its rich resonance and warmth, mahogany delivers an instantly recognisable tone, familiar from numerous old-school records. This choice of construction material not only ensures a classically warm and rich sound output but also exudes authentic class, appealing to both the ear and the eye.

Responsive Dreadnought Design

The TWBB SDE sports a slope-shouldered dreadnought body that is massively responsive to your individual touch. This traditional design choice ensures a bold, commanding tone with a rich, full sound. The dreadnought shape lends itself well to a broad range of musical styles and genres, offering versatility and adaptability. The Blackbird is ready to accompany your creativity, regardless of your playing style or musical mood.

Detailed Specifications for the Discerning Musician

Detailed specifications are a testament to Tanglewood’s meticulous design process. The TWBB SDE model features a hand-selected mahogany top and body, a Techwood fingerboard and bridge, and a satin finish. The neck dimensions are meticulously calibrated for comfort, with a thickness of 21 mm at the first fret and 23 mm at the tenth fret. The guitar also comes equipped with chrome hardware, die-cast tuning machines, bronze light strings, and Tanglewood Premium Plus Electronics. These elements combined ensure an enjoyable and seamless playing experience for all musicians.


Product Name Tanglewood TWBBSDE Blackbird
Body Type Slope Shouldered Dreadnought
Top Material Hand Selected Mahogany
Body Material Mahogany
Bridge Material Techwood
Body Finish Satin
Colour Smokestack Black
Neck Thickness (First Fret) 21 mm
Neck Thickness (Tenth Fret) 23 mm
Neck Finish Satin
Fingerboard Material Techwood
Fingerboard Inlay Dot
Number of Frets 20
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut Width 43 mm
Hardware Colour Chrome
Tuning Machines Die-Cast
Strings Bronze Light
Electronics Tanglewood Premium Plus Preamp