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Embarking on a musical journey demands an instrument that resonates with your passion. The Valencia Classical Guitar range offers three exquisite models tailored to musicians of all ages and levels: the full-sized 3920A, the three-quarter 3921C, and the half-sized 3922E. Each guitar, carved with precision, signifies Valencia’s commitment to quality, performance, and unparalleled value.

The esteemed 200 Series from Valencia is celebrated for a design ethos that prioritizes both performance and durability. Central to each model is the laminated natural spruce top, a wood renowned for its ability to emit a clear, balanced sound that accentuates every note of your compositions.

These magnificent spruce tops are seamlessly paired with Nato back and sides. Nato, colloquially known as the ‘poor man’s mahogany’, brings warmth akin to mahogany’s tonal characteristics. This sturdy hardwood stands up against regular play, promising years of melodious tunes.

Each Valencia guitar, be it the 3920A, 3921C, or 3922E, boasts a distinct satin finish. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this finish retains the guitar’s natural grain and acts as a protective layer against daily wear. The top’s black binding adds a touch of elegance, offering a contrasting beauty.

Every musician deserves a guitar that feels right. The Valencia range provides options for both standard and narrow neck models. Specifically, the 3922E offers a narrow neck variant with a 45mm nut width, tailored for players with smaller hands. All models ensure optimal tension for their nylon strings, crafting that rich, resonant sound quintessential to classical guitars.

Crafted from Jabon, the neck of these Valencia guitars guarantees lightweight resilience. Coupled with an ebonised mahogany fingerboard and bridge, players experience unparalleled ease navigating the strings. Nickel-plated machine heads enhance tuning stability, a paramount feature for consistent performance.

Valencia’s Classical Guitars are more than instruments—they’re an embodiment of musical ardor. Each guitar is fan-strutted, enhancing structural strength and sound projection. The spruce fronts and laminated back and sides bolster durability.

For the budding maestros aged 5 to 8, the half-size 3922E is an impeccable match, ensuring both superior sound and a snug grip. Its dimensions make it easily manageable for young hands. Meanwhile, older or larger players might gravitate towards the 3921C or the 3920A, depending on their preference for size and playability.

The Valencia Classical Guitar range—3920A, 3921C, and 3922E—stands as a testament to dedication, quality, and value. Choosing Valencia isn’t just opting for an instrument; it’s forming a bond with a musical companion. Let the Valencia range be the voice of your musical tales, bringing clarity and depth to every note.

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Full Size, Three Quarters Size, Half Size


Great Sound Quality

Crafted with a laminated natural spruce top, the Valencia 3922E Classical Guitar offers a clear, balanced sound that enhances your melodies. Paired with a Nato back and sides, it provides warmth and depth to the tonal characteristics, bringing your music to life.

Unique Satin Finish

The guitar features a distinctive satin finish, adding aesthetic appeal while also protecting the natural grain of the wood. Complemented by a black binding on the top, it exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Durable and Smooth Components

The Valencia 3922E is built with a Jabon neck and ebonised mahogany fingerboard and bridge. These materials ensure both the guitar’s durability and smooth playability, providing an excellent experience for players of all levels.

Ideal for Young Learners

With a half-size design, the Valencia 3922E is perfect for young musicians between the ages of 5 and 8. It’s an ideal size for children to handle easily and comfortably, fostering their love for music at an early age.


Top Material Laminated Natural Spruce
Back and Sides Material Nato
Finish Satin
Neck Material Jabon
Fingerboard Material Ebonised Mahogany
Bridge Material Ebonised Mahogany
Machine Heads Nickel Plated
Neck Width 45mm (narrow neck)
Scale Length 560mm (half size)
Strings Nylon
Suitable Age Group 5 – 8 Years Old
Overall Length 875mm
Included Accessories Carry Bag