Vox AC30 Guitar Amplifier


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Vox Changed the amplifier game when they released the AC30 combo amplifier in 1958 due to demand for louder amplifiers in live environments and the AC30 fulfilled that niche in way that had never been seen before. The AC30 has inspired legions of guitar heroes over the decades to play loud and play strong, thanks to its rather impressive set of tubes (3 x 12AX7’s & 4 x EL84’s) and twin 2 x12” Greenback speakers. This current version of the AC30 features a control layout of: Master Volume, Boost Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb (Tone & Volume) Tremolo (Speed & Depth) & Tone cut control(s), it also features a effects loop circuit. The AC30 is more than loud enough to handle any stage the world over, and is common sight among many big name backlines.

See what all the fuss is about by feeling the power and groundbreaking chime of the AC30 yourself!