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Unleash the electrifying essence of rock ‘n’ roll history with the Fender Hammertone™ Fuzz pedal. This small but mighty stompbox embodies the quintessential fuzz tones that defined the musical landscape of the ’60s and ’70s, all wrapped in a vibrant, psychedelic, purple-tinted casing. The Hammertone™ Fuzz is powered by a Fender®-designed fuzz circuit, radiating saturation and sustain reminiscent of the seminal tracks that wrote the rulebook of rock.

While it may seem compact, this pedal is loaded with features that offer unparalleled tonal flexibility. Sporting three classic controls, two silicon diodes, and an octave fuzz mode, the Hammertone™ Fuzz not only emulates legendary tones but also provides an array of possibilities for musicians to craft their distinctive soundscapes.

The Hammertone™ Fuzz is inspired by the silicon fuzz units that marked the psychedelic sixties. It provides the desired classic tones, but with the benefit of lesser noise and the ability to crank up more volume. The Octave-Fuzz Mode is a key feature of this pedal, offering an additional octave-up fuzz circuit that packs more volume, more treble, and an electrifying, textural decay – a perfect accompaniment for spine-tingling leads or goosebump-inducing riffs.

One of the defining features of this pedal is its internal tone control. This feature, with an internal trim-pot, lets you dial down super-high frequencies to balance out bright-sounding amps or single-coil pickups, or simply to tailor your tone further. This tone-shaping powerhouse is decked with unique, custom-color “F” logo knobs. Echoing Fender’s historic custom colors, these knobs are not just visually striking but also offer excellent readability and grip – they truly stand out on stage.

Built for the road, the Hammertone™ Fuzz boasts a rugged aluminum enclosure and sturdy metal hardware, ensuring top-notch durability and reliability. To preserve the integrity of your sound, it comes with true bypass switching, allowing for easy setup and pristine tonal output. For added convenience, top-mounted input and output jacks are included, enhancing pedalboard real estate and routing options.

Powered by a 9-volt battery or a center negative AC adapter (not included), the Fender Hammertone™ Fuzz offers an input impedance of 500k ohms and a maximum output impedance of 5k ohms. The pedal’s power consumption is a mere 15mA. Compact yet mighty, the pedal measures 2.2″ in depth, 4.4″ in height, and 2.44″ in width.

Step into the world of iconic, vintage tones with the Fender Hammertone™ Fuzz. Get ready to set the stage on fire with your unique blend of classic and contemporary fuzz tones.


Fender®-Designed Fuzz Circuit

Immerse yourself in the rich sonic spectrum offered by the Fender Hammertone™ Fuzz, powered by a specially designed Fender® fuzz circuit. Experience the iconic saturation and sustain that shaped the golden era of rock’n’roll.

Octave-Fuzz Mode

Unleash the electrifying potential of your guitar with the Octave-Fuzz Mode. This unique feature boosts your sound by adding an extra octave, creating dynamic and textural riffs that captivate audiences.

Internal Tone Control

The Hammertone™ Fuzz comes equipped with an internal tone control, allowing you to precisely manage super-high frequencies. This unique feature ensures you can balance and shape your sound perfectly, regardless of your equipment or venue.

Custom Color “F” Logo Knobs

The Hammertone™ Fuzz doesn’t only sound great, it looks the part too. Featuring Fender’s custom color “F” logo knobs, this pedal carries the aesthetic legacy of Fender’s historic custom colors while offering excellent readability and grip.

Rugged, Road-Worthy Hardware

Designed with the travelling musician in mind, the Hammertone™ Fuzz is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with durable metal hardware. Ready to withstand the rigors of the road, this pedal is an ideal companion for musicians on the move.

Top-Mount Jacks

The Hammertone™ Fuzz maximizes pedalboard real estate with its top-mounted input and output jacks. This thoughtful design allows for optimal pedal routing and the ability to add more pedals to your board.

Power Efficient and Compact

Despite its small size, this pedal doesn’t compromise on power. It requires only a 9-volt battery or a center negative AC adapter and consumes a mere 15mA of power. Its compact dimensions make it a perfect fit for any pedalboard while delivering immense sonic capabilities.


Series Hammertone™
Material Aluminum
Input Impedance 500k ohm
Output Impedance 5k ohm (max)
Power Consumption 15mA
Power Requirements 9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor (Not Included)
Dimensions 2.50×3.00×5.00 IN
Product Depth 2.2″ (56mm)
Product Height 4.4″ (112mm)
Product Width 2.44″ (620 mm)
Shipping Weight 0.60 LB