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The Lâg Tramontane 88 T88A Auditorium is a testament to the legacy of the esteemed T80, which garnered multiple accolades in the United States. Much like a classic novel that has been given a contemporary touch, the T88A encapsulates the time-tested attributes of its predecessor while introducing enhanced refinements. Crafted with an unwavering dedication to detail, this guitar boasts a solid Engelmann Spruce top – renowned for its rich tonal qualities – harmoniously complemented by a Khaya back and sides.

Remember when I played a piece on an Engelmann Spruce guitar a few years back? The resonance and warmth it offered was unparalleled, and you can expect the same with the T88A. Delicately finished with a gloss varnish, this guitar’s aesthetics mirror the tonal beauty it emits. The Brown BrankoWood fingerboard and bridge not only showcase exquisite French craftsmanship, but also promise longevity and consistent performance. It’s akin to having a vintage wine; the more it ages, the richer it gets.

Diving into the specifications, the guitar’s auditorium format allows for a robust sound projection. And while we’re discussing sound, let’s touch on the strings. Pre-strung with Bronze 80/20 Light gauge strings (12-53), the T88A promises a sound that’s both crystalline and generous, blending well with the guitar’s natural resonance. The neck, carved from Khaya, offers a comfortable grip, while the medium silver nickel frets ensure that every note is delivered with precision. Remember the comfort of driving a car with an optimal seat height and distance from the steering? This is the guitar equivalent.

The inclusion of a double-action truss rod and die-cast tuning pegs ensures that your guitar remains in tune, irrespective of the environmental conditions. Ever tried tuning a guitar that just wouldn’t stay in tune during a humid summer day? With the T88A, that’s one less worry on your mind. Weighing in at a balanced 3.50 kg, this guitar strikes the perfect equilibrium between heft and playability.

In summary, the Lâg Tramontane 88 T88A Auditorium is more than just an instrument; it’s an experience. Perfectly marrying French elegance with modern playability, this guitar is the ideal choice for those looking for a top-tier acoustic instrument without the hefty price tag. Whether you’re an established musician or an aspiring artist, the T88A promises to be a reliable companion on your musical journey.


Legacy of the T80

The Lâg Tramontane 88 T88A Auditorium stands as a proud successor to the acclaimed T80, carrying forward its award-winning legacy and elevating it with modern refinements.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Flaunting the meticulous and renowned elegance of French craftsmanship, every inch of the T88A is a testament to Lâg’s obsession with perfection.

Solid Engelmann Spruce Top

Known for its rich tonal qualities, the solid Engelmann Spruce top ensures that each strum resonates with warmth and clarity, much like the comforting notes of a well-tuned piano.

Khaya Back and Sides

The integration of Khaya for the back and sides not only enhances the guitar’s tonal depth but also adds a touch of aesthetic allure to its overall design.

Brown BrankoWood Detailing

The fingerboard and bridge, crafted from Brown BrankoWood, don’t just provide durability and consistent performance, but they also add a touch of rustic elegance to the guitar.

Optimal Playability

With a comfortable Khaya neck and medium silver nickel frets, the T88A guarantees precision and ease for every player, from the casual strummer to the seasoned musician.

Double-action Truss Rod

Thanks to its double-action truss rod, this guitar ensures tuning stability and neck durability, offering you a worry-free playing experience even in varying conditions.

Modern Auditorium Format

The T88A’s auditorium shape not only ensures robust sound projection but also makes it a versatile choice for a variety of musical genres.

Pre-strung Excellence

Equipped with Bronze 80/20 Light gauge strings (12-53), this guitar is ready to produce crystalline and generous tones right out of the box.


Back & Sides Khaya
Bridge Brown Brankowood
Category Steel String Shaped Body
Colours Natural
Dimensions 1070 x 470 x 140 mm
Fingerboard Brown BrankoWood
Finishing Gloss varnish
Format Auditorium
Hardware Satin black
Number of Strings 6
Number of Frets 20
Neck Khaya
Nut Width 43 mm
Original Strings Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
Radius 350 mm
Scale 650 mm
Strings Material Steel
Top Material Solid Engelmann Spruce
Truss Rod Double-action
Tuning Pegs Die Cast
Type of Frets Medium Silver Nickel
Weight 3.50 kg