Tanglewood TWCR-O-TB Crossroads Electro-Acoustic Guitar In Thru Blue


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Delve into the timeless resonance of blues with the Tanglewood TWCR O, an exceptional value Orchestra-shaped acoustic guitar hailing from the celebrated Crossroads series. Drawing inspiration from the iconic guitars that once cradled the heartbeat of 1930s America, the Tanglewood Crossroads series exemplifies the extraordinary spirit of musical evolution that was born amidst the Great Depression.

This series pays homage to an era where guitars were straightforward, without the frills of fancy aesthetics or pricey lacquers, yet their durability and distinct sound made them an invaluable asset. These instruments were built to last, reflecting the stoic resilience of the times and often becoming family heirlooms passed down through generations.

With the Tanglewood Crossroads, you’re not just playing a guitar; you’re cradling a piece of history. Each piece in this series, like the TWCR O, brings you a unique experience that allows you to step into the past while creating your own musical path.

Constructed with the Orchestra body shape, the TWCR O features a top crafted from hand-selected genuine mahogany. Matched with mahogany back and sides, this guitar delivers a beautifully rich and full-bodied tone, just as those timeless guitars from the past. The mahogany neck features a traditional rosewood fretboard, helping to enrich the overall tone while balancing out potential high-end harshness.

The Tanglewood Crossroads series harmonizes its historical influence with the TWCR O by introducing the new Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin finish. This tasteful finishing touch paints the guitar with a nostalgic glow that encapsulates the charm of the 1930s period, enhancing the guitar’s overall aesthetic.

The TWCR O is not just about the look and feel, it also takes care of the practical aspect with its sturdy hardware. The headstock features chrome die-cast machine heads to ensure precise tuning and stability. Both the nut and saddle are made from ABS white, with the saddle being compensated to offer improved intonation across all six strings.

This guitar arrives strung with Bronze Light strings, making the TWCR O a fantastic beginner’s acoustic guitar. It sets the stage for your musical journey and allows you to explore the range of tones and techniques offered by the Tanglewood Crossroads series.

But the Tanglewood TWCR O Crossroads isn’t just for beginners. Its warmth, resonance, and emphasis produced by its all-mahogany construction make it a delightful choice for players of all abilities. The beautiful finish, enhanced by an abalone rosette, adds an authentic look, while the guitar’s excellent response accommodates a range of techniques, from gentle fingerpicking to vigorous strumming.

The TWCR O Crossroads’ Orchestra model boasts an impressive tone and projection that defies its price point. It’s a sonic powerhouse, delivering a punchy, deep, and resonant sound with an emphasis on the warmer end of the spectrum. Its orchestra build ensures a comfortable playing experience, providing versatility across various genres and techniques.

Every detail of this guitar has been considered. From its carefully sculpted mahogany body, that produces a warm and punchy tone, to the techwood fingerboard on the mahogany neck that delivers a smooth and comfortable playing experience. The ABS white nut and saddle, chrome die-cast tuning machines, and compensating saddle ensure your guitar stays in tune and gives you the best intonation possible.

The Orchestra body shape offers excellent projection and volume, balanced by a well-defined response. Its comfortable size and shape make it perfect for both casual jamming sessions or intimate performances around a campfire. From the first strum to the last note, the Tanglewood TWCR O Crossroads Orchestra Acoustic Guitar promises to take you on a remarkable musical journey. So, why wait? Begin creating your own crossroads with the Tanglewood TWCR O.


Historical Tribute and Authentic Design

The Tanglewood TWCR O, part of the revered Crossroads series, authentically captures the essence of 1930s America. It embodies the simple yet durable design of the era’s instruments, presenting an opportunity for the player to experience the rich history of guitar music. Finished with a distinctive Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin, the guitar looks and feels as timeless as the music it’s designed to play.

Superior Quality Construction

Each component of the Tanglewood TWCR O is crafted to offer the highest quality sound. The top is made from hand-selected genuine mahogany, accompanied by matching mahogany back and sides. This composition delivers a rich and full-bodied tone, echoing the depth and resonance of traditional blues music.

Comfortable and Versatile Playability

Designed with an Orchestra body shape, the TWCR O ensures a balanced sound projection and volume. Its shape and size are perfect for both casual jamming sessions or intimate performances, providing a comfortable playing experience whether you’re seated or standing. Its design caters to a wide range of techniques and genres, making it an ideal choice for any guitar player.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Thanks to its all-mahogany body and traditional rosewood fretboard, the Tanglewood TWCR O produces a warm and resonant sound, offering an outstanding tonal balance. The mahogany neck adds to the richness of the sound, while the rosewood fretboard levels out potential high-end harshness, providing smooth and comfortable playability.

Durable and Stable Hardware

The TWCR O features chrome die-cast machine heads at the headstock, ensuring precise tuning and stability. The nut and saddle, both made from ABS white, offer improved intonation across all six strings, giving you the best possible playing experience. Pre-strung with Bronze Light strings, the guitar is ready to be played right out of the box.

Perfect for All Abilities

The Tanglewood TWCR O is a versatile instrument suitable for guitarists of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, the TWCR O offers a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience. Its excellent response accommodates a wide range of techniques, making it an ideal companion for your musical journey.


Shape Orchestra
Top Hand Selected Genuine Mahogany
Back Mahogany
Sides Mahogany
Neck Material Mahogany
Fingerboard Techwood
Bridge Techwood
Saddle ABS White, Compensating
Nut Width ABS White (43mm)
Scale Length 650mm
Machine Heads Chrome Die Cast
Finish Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin
Strings Bronze Light
Range Crossroads
Ideal For Players of all abilities
Special Features Warmth, resonance, and emphasis produced by mahogany neck and body, authentic look offered by beautiful finish and abalone rosette, can handle a range of techniques thanks to excellent response